We use human-centered design to create connections grounded in empathy.

You find us at the intersection of research, design, and human resources.


We envision a workplace in which the full human perspective is valued.

Some say our vision is high-minded but we claim it's pretty grounded. It’s humane, and, at the end of the day, our humanity is all we’ve got.

Our Guiding Principles:

We want to see workplaces in which people's differences are celebrated and their blind spots are seen by somebody else on their team.

We want you, and everyone on your team, to feel good about voicing concerns, contributing ideas, and sharing opinions.

We want diversity to be the norm and complementary collaborations (not homogenous partnerships) to be the default.

We want to see workplaces in which people are comfortable making mistakes and capable of growing from them.


Thinc is different from other Diversity & Inclusion workshops you’ve already suffered through.

Our workshops are biased towards action and incorporate co-creation as a key component. This means that teams will create their own solutions to problems that are relevant to them. We spend little time talking and a lot of time doing, learning, and improving.


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