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Connect Over Conflict

When working in teams, conflict will arise. Learn how to use incidents as catalysts for growth and help your team respond to conflict in a constructive and restorative way.


Workshop Overview


Entire teams including managers and HR representatives

Time & Location

1 full day (8 h)




A conflict guide for which participants create shared language around conflict and establish incident principles and constraints.


We create a safe space and set up a conflict lab. We use case studies and role play exercises to test new ways of responding to incidents.


Brainstorming models
Role play activities
Digital conflict wall


Workshop CONTENT

9am - 12pm

Breakfast & Intro
Participants arrive to a team breakfast. We introduce Thinc: Who are we and why are we here?

Icebreaker & Context
The workshop starts with an icebreaker activity to make everyone comfortable speaking into the space. We go over the daily agenda, goals, and expectations.

Discussion & Silent Circuit
Participants contribute to a guided discussion about teamwork and team challenges followed by a silent brainstorm activity centered on issues relevant to the team’s goals and needs.

12pm - 2pm

Empathy Lab
Through role play, participants learn about conflict and ways of responding to incidents, as an individual and as a team. We identify roles and discuss the importance of the bystander.

We break for a healthy lunch. Participants get time to process (their thoughts or their emails).

Learning by Making
Participants warm up to prototyping by going through a mini design sprint. In less than an hour, they go through phases of ideation, prototyping, testing, and iteration.

2pm - 5pm

Prototyping & Testing
Based on ideas generated during the Silent Circuit brainstorm, participants spend the afternoon developing and testing solutions.

Sharing & Reflection
Participants share solutions and discuss how they could be carried into real life.

End of Day
Participants leave with a bounty of ideas for how to create a more considerate team culture, a set of prototyped solutions, and a process to tackle arising challenges moving forward.


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