Thinc is a collection of workshops designed to help teams co-create more considerate environments. We equip people and organizations with the tools, methods, and mindsets necessary to lead with resilience, connect over conflict, and embed inclusion into their day-to-day.


What’s your role and responsibility?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are hot topics right now. New hashtags, acronyms, and terminology spread like wildfire across social channels and traditional media outlets. The awareness is there (at least we’re getting there), but many of us are still at a loss for how to take deliberate action.


We can help you.

Depending on where you and your team are on your journey towards a more considerate environment, our three workshops can be taken as a complete package or as separate modules.

Lead With

Learn how to ease interpersonal friction and frame team differences as celebrated strengths.

Connect Over

Build a guide around conflict and learn how to respond to incidents in a constructive and restorative way.


Create an action plan centered on deliberate practice and learn how to embed inclusion into your day-to-day.


How can you contribute to a more considerate world?

Our answer: Start where you are and consider the people next to you.